Zap Help
Zap Help
 Is a new fansite Made by - HTC. 
It was made 23:15 May 27th May, Friday.
This fan site is to help new members of Zap Hotel And Guide them through Zap Hotel.
Zap Hotel is a amazing habbo retro it has even better features than the normal habbo
You get about 200 coins every 15 minutes I think. But on normal habbo you sould have to buy 200 coins for $20 or £23 Which is riddiculus! When you start Zap Hotel you start off with a amazing 50000 coins Which is excellent and that give you the ability to buy VIP, And amazing furni !  If you want to buy VIP It Cost $5.00 Which i think is worth it because you get to enter any room without waiting bypass doorbells and passwords , 200,000 coins and 200,000 pixels! And a special exclusive VIP catalogue  Also A Special VIP Badge. But there is also Super VIP Which is a lot better but it cost $10 And if your Super VIP You get to enter any room without waiting bypass doorbells and passwords 2,000,000 Coins , 2,000,000 Pixels ! And a special Exclusive Super VIP Catalogue With the commands of :moonwalk , :push , :pull , :unload And :override And a VIP Badge.