Zap Hotel Rules

                                         Rules Of ZapThese rules are set for ALL users , Please note that by playing Zap you agree to abide by these rules AT ALL TIMES. Serious bans apply for violation of these rules.
Users must NOT:

- Speak any language other than english
- Beg staff for coins, furniture, badges, staff roles and/or other various restricted things.
- Harass, bully, discriminate or violate a user's privacy in any way.
- Threaten to hack or tamper with a user's account.
- Give out home address, phone number, or other personal identificative information in public (you may do so via IM or whisper).
- Advertise any other website or hotel not affiliated with Zap Hotel.
- Promote illegal activities.
- Create more than THREE valid accounts on a single IP address (exceptions can apply, with explanation).
- Scam a user of their coins, furniture and/or other various items.
- Impersonate a staff member at any time (ie. making a MOD- or M0D- account).
- Making an inappropriate username (this relates to hotel advertising, staff impersonation, discriminative names, personal attack accounts etc).